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"Ocean/Mickey Mouse" F/Z Parker

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90A tribute to surf graphics in the early era。

I designed the icon of the characteristic Mickey Mouse silhouette in a surf tasteた。

Gradient graphics and back prints are classical and fresh!!

One point at the frontCasually unique to Okinawa Island elephant And treat、HABUBOXIt ’s full of playfulness.

【Disney collection】
Disney character motif、HabuBoxLimited collection Is the appearance of!!

A collection of self-confident works designed with the theme of Okinawa's climateい!!

We have a wide range of sizes for kids and adults. Please enjoy coordinating with your family.下さI

  Country of origin:made in China

When washing, we recommend turning the shirt over and washing it separately from products that easily transfer color.す。

It is recommended to avoid using the dryer as much as possible as it may cause shrinkage.す。

【Item details】

【Item size】

  S:Length 62/Width 52/Shoulder width44/Sleeve Length 56

  M:Length 66/Width 55/Shoulder width48/Sleeve Length 60

  L:Length 70/Width 58/Shoulder width52/Sleeve Length 61

  LL:Length75/Width 63/Shoulder width55/Sleeve Length 62

  3L:Length 80/Width 68/Shoulder width58/Sleeve Length 63 

  Model height長153 cm SWearing size