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GO CAMP Kids (Hello Kitty & Makey)


『Hello Kitty』 And Okinawa's DIY Center Makeman characterー『Makey』 HABUBOX triple name project with!

Kitty and Makey enjoying camping on the beach in Okinawa。

Same generation () A work style that suits the overall salopette!ル!

Both girls and boysも〝Cool cute〟 It is a cohesive design。

Because it is available in a wide range of sizes for both men and women, from adults to childrenで、Coordinating with the family Is especially recommended!!

then Festivals and outdoor scenes The perfect graphic for you!

Come and enjoy Okinawa-only rare items !!

※Kitty: Born in 1974 Makeman: Urasoe store opened January 1975月

  Country of origin:made in China
  Print japan本

When washing, we recommend turning the shirt over and washing it separately from products that easily transfer color.す。

It is recommended to avoid using the dryer as much as possible as it may cause shrinkage.す。

【Item details】
  ColorHeather black

【Item size】

  90:Length 36/Width 29/Sleeve length 11

  100:Length 40/Width 31/Sleeve length 12

  110:Length 44/Width 33/Sleeve length 13

  120:Length 47/Width 35/Sleeve length 14

  130:Length 51/Width 37/Sleeve length 15

  140:Length 55/Width 40/Sleeve length 16

  150:Length 59/Width 42/Sleeve length 17

  Model height 100 cm 100 sizeズ