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"Route Beer / Snoopy" Kids

Snoopy's favorite foodKnown as
Root viaIs also drinking in Okinawa
Energy drink.

Such common points in Snoopy and Okinawa
It was there!

In the scene development like 2-frame manga in the front and back,
Snoopy and wood stock cute gesture
One piece that can enjoy the expression.

【What is the root vias】

It is believed in the United States around the 19th century.

Make various crisps and herbs blend
Each region is a nourishing beverage
There is a taste of hometown.

Licolis root (root; route) to be blended
Origin of name.

【Snoopy Collection】

Motif popular character Snoopy,
Habubox Original CollectionIt is the appearance of!

Drive with the theme of Okinawa's culture
Confident confidence that I designed!
Wide size development with kids, adults

Coordination in the family is also
Please enjoy♪


Cotton: 38%, rayon: 12%, polyester: 50%
Country of origin: Made in China

【Details of the item】

Color: Orange Heather
Size: 90, 100, 110, 120, 140

[Item size]

90: Length 37 / Width 31 / Isolate 8
100: Length 41 / Width 33 / Isolated 8
110: Length 45 / Hall Width 34.5 / Isolated 8
120: Length 50 / Width 36 / Isolated 11
140: Length 56 / Width 40 / Isolated 12