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Sabani type three-dimensional mask deodorant soft type

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Sabani type (ship type) 3D mask from women to menFree sizeSo, it is an etiquette mask that considered a scene that is longer used in a daily basis.

Even if it is removedCompactly folded, Convenient to mobile.

Inside the cotton features, material that gives deodorant as it is,Natech-FreshUsing,Natural fiber x Functionality x High laundry durabilityRealized.

PreciousOpportunityorCustomer servicePerfect match mask for!

Come your Habubox's Savanni-type three-dimensional mask.

※ How to enter the handle is assorted. Please be aware in advance.

◆ There is a high fit feeling for a wide range of sizes.
◆ Internal space is wide and breathing is likely to be easily breathed.
◆ Internal space is wide and fabric is less likely to touch the lips.
◆ If you collapse, compact. It is a size that fits in the area of ​​2 pieces of business cards and fits in the chest pocket.
◆ It is easy to fit according to the shape of the nose, and glasses are hard to be cloudy.
◆ You can replace the rubber strap.
◆ Low temperature tongue drying. (Please be careful about damage due to heat and damage type due to wear)

[Precautions for use]
◆ It is an etching mask to prevent coughing and splashing by conversation, not the effect of preventing inhalation of virus and bacteria.
◆ Please be sure to wash it clean and keep clean clean.
◆ Tumble drying is carefully careful with heat damage or type breakage due to wear.

【What is Sabani】
A small fishing boat in Okinawa words. It was used for fishing since ancient times in the Okinawa Islands, the Adim Islands and Amami Islands.
In particular, since it was developed to catch fumagés, it is said that (Saba) and the boat (Nini) are combined and called "Sabani".

Cotton: 100%
Country of origin: Made in Japan

【Details of the item】
Color: white ground polka dot
Size: Free

[Item size]

Vertical: 7.5 cm

Horizontal: 22 cm