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Poro Sabani Mask High Protection Type

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Habubox standard Savannoid type (boost) three-dimensional mask, antiviral functionFabricI finished the high protection type of the highest grade.

In the midst of cloudy, it was a ribbow. Snapping from the gap that has been flying.

It will be cloudy forever, but someday this sky is fine.

It takes time to notice so, but it's already okay.

[Motif of pattern]

※ Deployment of design is assorted.

Cryens ® fabrics used inwards not only reduce bacterial growth, but also reduce the number of specific viruses (e-vibro viruses) on fibers by 99% or more, and proliferation of specific bacteria The effect of suppressing has been identified.

Have high protection coordination with the strongest savanic mask.


· The internal space is widely easy to breathe, and it is easy to talk with you wear.

· Fit the unevenness of the face, and the lens is hard to be cloudy when wearing glasses.

· We use fabric creens ® with the effect of reducing the number of specific viruses on fibers and suppressing the growth of specific bacteria.

· It is convenient for carrying because it becomes compact and compact.

· Wash and use it repeatedly.

· Replacement replacement of rubber cord is possible.


[Precautions for use]
It does not prevent infections. Cough sneezing, it is an etiquette mask to prevent splashing by conversation.
Immediately after the purchase, please be sure to wash and clean it clean after wearing.
Tumble drying should be carefully careful with heat damage and broken down.

【What is Sabani】
A small fishing boat in Okinawa words. It was used for fishing since ancient times in the Okinawa Islands, the Adim Islands and Amami Islands. In particular, since it was developed to catch fumagés, it is said that (Saba) and the boat (Nini) are combined and called "Sabani".

Tabal and polyester: 75%, cotton: 25

Internal land / cotton: 100%
Country of origin: Made in Japan

【Details of the item】
Color:Hello Goodbye
Size: Free

[Item size]

Vertical: 7.5 cm

Horizontal: 22 cm