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"The Beer of Beers!" Orion beer X I'm a Koya Koma collaboration T-shirt

Sold out

Orion beer and Habubox,
Okinawa Yukari Artist
Triple collaboration project.

Make a T-shirt on a canvas
"Warm O'Rion! "of
Express in silk screen!

This time, this time,
What I welcomed as an artist
Mr. Mei Yoshiya (Come and Yasumi).

Name of the name of the musician's jacket
Design artwork,
Participating in a group exhibition,
Drawing, such as drowing that will be announced every day on SNS,
Currently attracting attention in each direction,
It is a creator from Okinawa.

And this time, Orion beer
I was drawn down on the theme.

Catch copy of "The Beer of Beers!"
A copy used for older beer cans in the 80's.

Do you only understand Orion freak? !

か, olion shine orion three stars,
I have never seen it, but why not
Dejavy's Dejavy.

My poisonous of me is addictive
Feeling of the Childai!

The three stars in the illustration are
It is said that a three-dimensional feeling in foam ink is
Manufacture T-shirt at our own factory
Gimmicks unique to Habubox.

On the right chest of the front,
Orion beer brand logo,
It is simply printed.


Cotton: 100%
Country of origin: Made in China

【Details of the item】

Color: White
Size: SS, S, M, L,LL, 3L, 4L

[Item size]

SS: Length 62 / Width 46 / Isolated 18
S: Length 65 / Width 49 / Isolated 19
M: Length 69 / Width 52 / It has a length 20
L: Length 73 / Width 55 / Isolated 22
LL: Length 77 / Width 58 / Isolated Length 24
3L: Length 81 / Width 63 / It has 25 / long length 25
4L: Length 84 / Width 68 / Isolated Length 26

Male model: height170 cm LSizes