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Free shipping nationwide for purchases over ¥ 10,000 (excluding tax)! !! Click here for other shipping information

Salmon steam flower cloth collaboration long skirt 008

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A luxurious one-point skirt that has a large amount of the traditional branding plowing flower cloth and the lower half of the skirt.

The bright blue part and dots of the double-color dye are very refreshing.

【Product Details】

Size: Free(General length / about 83.5 cm)

○ Supports general S · M · L

○ The part of the waist uses a good stretch material with skin

[Prints house, Yasuka Yamayama]

Requiocyan's Barrel Flower Flower

  • Amber steamed flower cloth (Aoi Kafu) is the red light of Okinawa It is also said that it is a roaring roots, in China600Since ancient times It is a typical type of traditional 藍 dyeing.
  • Using Chinese older layers, newly designed A technique that does not change with the patterned pattern and monochemistry So, local craftsmans are carefully dyed.
  • Planning and sewing finish are in Okinawa.
  • Extract from the plant of the same kittenomago family as Ryukyu In the ingredients, they are dyed in amazing. It is characterized by a deep amber color with redness.
  • Natural indigo dyes have increased fiber intensities and reduce bacterial growth and have high insect repellent effects.
  • The effect of absorbing ultraviolet light and does not pass through the skin It is said that. On the other hand, it is weak to ultraviolet light and discharge Because it causes color and discoloration, it is necessary to be careful about exposure to light for a long time.
  • Requiocyan's branding flower cloth is firmly equipped with a stimulation reaction such as acetic acid. It is characterized by relatively easy to handle.
  • The smell of is almost disappointed when washing.

Notes on handling

  • When rubbing with other clothing, fabric etc, color transfer There is a risk.
  • Hand or skin may be blown by contacting But it is harmless. I will drop with soap.
  • Avoid wearing white or light clothing. There is a risk of color transfer.
  • When washing with a washing machine, it will prevent wear of the surface when it is turned over or put on a soft net.
  • Extra dyeing during the first washing characteristics The ingredients will flow to the washing water. Thereability Calm, but be careful about the color transfer, and it is recommended to wash it.
  • With other clothing, fabric and the like, it may be afraid of color transfer when it remains wet.
  • Do not use fluorescent brighteners and detergents with bleach.
  • During ~ sex Wash Agents ( Oh death In Be Arrival  Hare  Le Wash stomach for of Wash Agent It is recommended to use). Reduce fading
  • There is an effect.
  • If it is exposed to direct sunlight and dried, it may cause fading. It is recommended to shade.