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Maruba steamed flower cloth collaboration long skirt 010

Sold out
Requiocian original voxan pattern,
One point thing that combines a traditional branding flower cloth

There are various patterns in luxury,
By combining the fabric of
Multiproton and hips from West
It will be shown to the line you tight.

【Product Details】

Size: Free(General length / about 83.5 cm)
○ Supports general S · M · L
○ The part of the waist is
Use good stretch material

【Requiocyan's Clash Chain Flower Flower】

  • Amber steamed flower cloth (Aoi Kafu) is the red light of Okinawa
    It is also said that it is a roaring roots, in China600Since ancient times
    It is a typical type of traditional 藍 dyeing.

  • Using Chinese older layers, newly designed in
    The patterned pattern and monochemistry is a technique that does not change as a long time ago,
    Local craftsmen is carefully dyed.

  • Planning and sewing finish are in Okinawa.

  • Extract from the plant of the same kittenomago family as Ryukyu
    In the ingredients, they are dyed in amazing.

    It is characterized by a deep amber color with redness.

  • Natural indigo develops fiber intensity and breeding bacteria
    It is considered to be suppressed and insecticide effect.

  • The effect of absorbing ultraviolet light and does not pass through the skin
    It is said that.

    On the other hand, it is weak to ultraviolet light and discharge Cause of color and discoloration
    Will be careful to expose to light for a long time
    Is required.

  • Requiocyan's green cramps feline is a fixing reaction such as acetic acid
    Due to the coloration processing, it is firm.

    It is characterized by relatively easy to handle.

  • The smell of is almost stuck when washing

[Prints house, Yasuka Yamayama]

[Notes on handling]

  • When rubbing with other clothing, fabric etc, color transfer
    There is a risk.

  • If you get in touch, your hands and skin will be blue
    There is no harmless.

    I will drop with soap.

  • Calling with white or light clothing is
    Please avoid.

    There is a risk of color transfer.

  • When washing with a washing machine, turn over or soft
    If you put it on the net, you will prevent the wear of the surface.

  • Due to the characteristics of staining, it is extra when the first laundry
    The dyeing ingredient flows out of the washing water.

    Thereability State, but to move
    Care and wash it separately.

  • With wet, with other clothing, fabric etc
    If you leave it for a long time, color transfer
    There is a risk.

  • Fluorescent brighteners and detergents with bleach
    Please do not use.

  • During ~ sex Wash Agents ( Oh death In Be Arrival 
     Hare  Le Wash stomach for of Wash Agent )of
    It is recommended to use it.

    There is an effect of suppressing fading.

  • If you expose to direct sunlight and dry it,

    It is recommended to shade.