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Squids: Silk screen print


Lightning Motiva Viewing Lightning Crests, I tried the tradition and modern crossover pattern "Ikauchichi", which was drawn as a handle of Requiocyan's Karine.

Dynamic jagged patterns are reminiscent of modern and minimal design such as locks and electro icons, but they are used for traditional red patterns.

In traditional red types, men are especially worn by men. Lightnings are considered to be a brave pattern because they make a big sound. It was also used as a pattern of childhood traps as an anevable accommodation.

Lightning, thunder is also a symbol of dragon, and it is also the Kichijo crest of fertility that brings farming to agriculture. In the crims, I do not say "Ikauchi", but with the old Japanese language, the word source is a word source, and a strong word that is a sense of awe to the power of nature is a title. rice field.



First of all

Silk screen print against 100% cotton Ox feet

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