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Ikazuchi:Silkscreen prints


With the motif of the lightning bolt seen in Bingata,"Ikazuchi", a pattern that attempts a crossover between tradition and modernity, was drawn as a pattern of Kariyushi of Lequiosian.

The dynamic jagged pattern is reminiscent of modern, minimalist designs such as rock and electro icons, but the style used for traditional Bingata patterns.

In the traditional Bingata, it is said to have been worn especially by men. The lightning makes a loud noise, so it seems that it was considered a brave pattern. It was also used as a pattern for mascots for young children as a disease-free ward.

Lightning and thunder are also symbols of dragons and auspicious crests of fertility that bring rain to agriculture. In Bingata, we don't call it"squid", but the old Japanese word"squid spirit"is the etymology, and the title is a strong word with awe of the power of nature. rice field.


Taichi Meika

Silk screen print on 100% cotton ox fabric

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