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Nirai Kanai:Silkscreen prints


It is a pattern inspired by Ryukyu classic ware. Exoticism through the Ryukyu filter, such as the motif of animals that do not live in Okinawa and the character of the Middle East, which is also called the Egyptian crest, which is the biggest feature of classical ware, is incorporated into the pattern of the Kariyushi shirt with its own interpretation. I did.

Taichi Mika, who has experience as a potter of pottery ware, evokes the handwriting of the potter and possesses the"heta-uma soul"that is a life craft of the potters of the past, all on the computer. The “analog and digital twist” drawn with digital lines is also a cynical attraction that underlies Lequiosian painting.

[Ryukyu classic ware]

Ryukyu classical ware is a type of pottery made at Okinawa Tsuboya from the late Meiji era to the Taisho era and the early Showa era. It is made commercially mainly for the mainland and features exotic patterns. In the folk art movement that was growing at that time, there were some rough techniques that were viewed negatively, but they had a great influence on the later Okinawan pottery.


Taichi Meika


 Silk screen print on 100% cotton ox fabric

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