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Niraikanai: Silk Screen Print


It is a pattern that has been inspired by the Ryukyu classic grilled and drawn. It is also the largest characteristic of the classical grilled animal, and it is also called an animal motif that does not survive, and an Egyptian pattern, and exoticism through the Ryukyu filter, such as the human pattern, which is a unique interpretation of the Ryukyu Filter, and the handle of Kariyushi shirt is dropped. Yes.

In fact, Maeda, who has a pottery experience of Yakaya Yaki, while calling the handwriting of the ceramic brush-in, and it seems to be aware of "Hetaumama Soul" that does not feel as a life craft of the old pottery, and all on the computer "Analog and digital twist" drawn by digital lines is also a senile point that flows to the root of the Requiocians.

【Ryukyu classic grill】

The Ryukyu Classic Yaki is a kind of baked goods made in Okinawa Your restaurant from the late Meiji period, until the early Showa. It is characterized by the fact that it is mainly made for the mainland and has an exotic pattern. In the highly folk art movement, the more negative perspective exercise, the larger the impact on the later Okinawa grilled.


First of all


 Cotton 100% Ox Fabric Silk Clean Print

【Details of the item】


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