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Lam Lam with a Collaborative Long Skirt 006

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A single dotted skirt that combines a Lai-o-shian original boxer and a blue-mark hanafu (a Japanese seal).It's like a collage art.

It was a calm impression by coming to the top with an indigo-no-indigo.Enjoy the pigment of the indigo dyeing of the tone.

* The image of the top dress in the tube is different from the reference image.


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Size: FREE(Total length: Approximated 83.5cm)

-General S-M L-L support

-The waist part uses good stretch-sawed stretch material.

  • Ainin Hanpu refers to the red type of Okinawa in Japan. It is also said that the roots of indigo have been made in China.600years ago It is a traditional indigo dye.
  • used of old antigoods in China or newly deza a technique in which the stalk or indigo is never the same as in the old times and the local artisans are politely stained.
  • Planning and stitching has been made in Okinawa.
  • plant extracts from plants of the family of the Ryukyu-like family of the Ryukyu Kingdom It is made of indigo color with a component of it.characterized by a reddish, deep indigo color.
  • It is said that natural blubic dyeing increases the strength of the fibers and reduces the breeding of bacteria and has a high insecticide effect.
  • it absorbs ultraviolet rays and has a high effect on the skin is said to be the one.On the other hand, the ultraviolet rays are weak Care must be taken to expose it to sunlight for a long time, because it causes colors and variations.
  • Lai-O-in-Lin (Lai-in-the-India) hanpu, which is a Lai Shian hanpu, is a solid color made from a reactive reaction such as acetic acid.It is a relatively easy way to handle it.
  • The smell of indigo is washed with little calmly.

Cautions for handling

  • abrasiating with other garments or fabrics etc. I fear.
  • In contact with the skin, the hands and the skin can be blue, but it is harmless.If you wash with soap, you will fall.
  • Confessions of white or light clothing should be avoided.There is a fear of color shifting.
  • When washing with a washing machine, it can prevent surface wear by turning it back or putting it on a soft net.
  • the characteristic of a dyeing and the dyeing in the first wash The ingredients are draining into the washing water.Afterward dye However, it is recommended that you take care of the color shift and wash the single piece of the unit.
  • If you leave your clothes wet for a long time with other clothing, textiles, etc., you will be afraid of color shifting.
  • Do not use fluorescent or bleach or bleach detergents.
  • Naka Sex flush medicine o shi Oh. was adhesive  Woo - Le flush i use of flush agent ) is the preferred practice.suppress faded colors
  • It has an effect.
  • When exposed to direct sunlight, the cause of the faded color is the cause of the drying.Drying is recommended.