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Lam-in-India: Balloon Skirt 002

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A one-of-a-kind skirt that combines the original Bokunen pattern of Lequiosian and the traditional indigo flower cloth, just like collage artの様。


It is a piece that is popped by Koichimatsu entering like a dot while the Bokunen pattern is composed a lot.です。

※The image of the tube top dress is a reference image, so the pattern is different。

【Product Details  

  Size FREEE(Total length about 77 cm))

  ○Compatible with general SML対応

  ○The waist is made of stretch material that feels good against the skin

Lequiosian indigo flower cloth

  • What is Ai Inkafu?や In China, which is said to have indigo-shaped rootsに600From a year ago It is a traditional indigo dyeing that is handed down.。
  • Use old Chinese cloth or newly designザ The same technique as before with the indigo pattern and indigo single color法 Is carefully dyed by local craftsmenす。
  • Planned sewing finish is done in Okinawaます。
  • Extracted from the same Acanthaceae plant as Ryukyu Ai It is dyed indigo with the ingredients that have been used. It is characterized by a deep reddish indigo color.です。
  • Natural indigo dyeing is said to have a high insect repellent effect by increasing the strength of the fiber and suppressing the growth of germs.ます。
  • Highly effective in absorbing ultraviolet rays and not passing through the skinい On the other hand, it is vulnerable to ultraviolet rays and fades.く、褪 Be careful not to expose it to sunlight for a long time as it may cause discoloration or discoloration.す。
  • Lequiosian's indigo seal cloth is firmly colored by a fixing reaction such as acetic acid, and is relatively easy to handle.徴です。
  • The scent of indigo calms down and almost disappears when washedす。

Handling Precautions

  • Color transfer when rubbed with other clothing fabrics, etc.りの There is a fear。
  • Contact may cause blue hands and skinり It's harmless, but it will come off if you wash it with soap.す。
  • Please avoid wearing with white or light-colored clothing. There is a risk of color transfer.ります。
  • When washing in the washing machine, turn it over or put it in a soft net to prevent surface abrasion.ます。
  • Extra dyeing during the first wash due to dyeing characteristics染 Dyes after the ingredients flow out into the washing water料 Is calm, but it is recommended to wash it separately, paying attention to color transfer.ます。
  • Color transfer may occur if the product is left in contact with other clothing fabrics for a long time while it is still wet.ます。
  • Do not use detergents containing optical brighteners or bleachい。
  • During ~ sex Wash Agent ( O Shi Ya Re Arrival C - Le Wash I for of Wash Agent ) Is recommended to suppress fadingる
  • Has an effect。
  • Drying in direct sunlight can cause fading. Shade drying is recommended.ます。