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Sherpa fleece stand blouson


This fleece wear is made from a material with long hair, especially because it has a soft texture and lightness, as well as excellent moisturizing and surface effects.

It is gentle on cold days and wraps you warmly.

100% polyester%
Country of origin :Made in China

・ Because of the long fluffy material, the fluff may be disturbed and fluff may adhere to other clothing. In that case, brush it off with a clothing brush.

・ If you get wet with friction, sweat or rain, the color may transfer to other clothing, so please be careful.

[Item details]
Color :brown
Size : M , L , LL

[Item size]

M :Length 64 / Width 50 / Shoulder width 43 / Sleeve length 61

L :Length 68 / Width 53 / Shoulder width 46 / Sleeve length 63

LL :Length 70 / Width 53 / Shoulder width 47 / Sleeve length 63

Female model:Height 155 cm M size