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"Goo Don / Superbs"


A collaboration T-shirt with the familiar Super Bus and HABU BOX is realized with LINE stamps実現!

Karate, which attracted attention even at the Olympics As you know, it is said that Okinawa originated.道着姿でグーでドン!!

「Super Bus's unique characters go beyond the frame of the stamp and rampage on a canvas called a T-shirt. Currently, a Super Bus x HABUBOX collaboration commemorative campaign is also underway.ペーンも実施中!!

↓「Super Bus x HABUBOX collaboration commemorative campaign pageジ↓

↓Super Bus instagram campaign information availableり)↓

↓Super Bus LINE Sticker↓



  country of origin:made in China
  Print japan本

When washing, we recommend turning the shirt over and washing it separately from products that easily transfer color.す。

It is recommended to avoid using the dryer as much as possible as it may cause shrinkage.す。

【Item details】

【Item size】

  SS:Length 62/Width 46/Sleeve length 18

  S:Length 65/Width 49/Sleeve length 19

  M:Length 69/Width 52/Sleeve length 20

  L:Length 73/Width 55/Sleeve length twenty two

  LL:Length 77/Width 58/Sleeve length twenty four

  3L:Length 81/Width 63/Sleeve length twenty five 

:Length 84/Width 68/Sleeve length 26