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Rose sleeve dormanskipper

Sold out
Skipper type rose sleeve dolman.

For a plump bic silhouette,
The necked out of the v-shape
You can see the neck line elegant.

As the name as the name, a dad of roses overlaps,
Characteristic of twisted sleeves.

It is easy to move and functional.

The side pocket and accessories are convenient.

I like Okinawa's sea
Emerald Blue,
Let's make the inner accent to accent,
It looks like a fun to play with colors.

What is the Flagar Sora Fabric

Fabric was developed like linen (hemp)
Special polyester fabric (Flaker).

With a thread that made the ridge,
Because it is a rough weave,
There is a feeling of refreshing and natural
I can enjoy my comfort.

Flagara fabric is a great sense of feeling
Not only, but moderate
There is also a sense of disclosure, and elegant gloss is also attractive.

Linen is easy to become wrinkled and care for care
It takes, but it is difficult to become a wrinkle
Washable easy care product.

[Sango Dama Pattern: Nakami Maki]

When I look into the reef pond: sun,
Mouth of coral sphere.

A handle designed such coral to the motif.

One scene of the casual feet of Okinawa
I have cut off


100% polyester%
Country of origin: Japan Okinawa

【Details of the item】

Color: Flaker Emerald
Size: Free

[Item size]

F: Length 71 / Width 94.5 / Length 56
Model: Height155 cm