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Roseus Leeve Dolmans Kipper


Skipper type rose sleeve dolman.

The plump big silhouette and the moderately V-shaped collar make the neckline look elegant.

As the name suggests, it features twisted sleeves with overlapping folds like roses. It is easy to move and functional.

The side pockets are also convenient because small items can be stored.

The fabric is a special polyester fabric (flaccasa) developed like linen (hemp).

It is a thread made of ridges and unevenness, and it has a rough and rough weave, so it has a refreshing feeling and you can enjoy a natural feeling.

Fracker sa fabric not only has a rough feel, but also has a moderately supple feel, and its elegant luster is also attractive.

Linen is prone to wrinkles and takes time to care for, but it is an easy care product that is less likely to wrinkle and can be machine washed.

Emerald blue that looks like a copy of the sea of Okinawa, with an inner accent, is a fun piece to play with.

[Coral pattern:by Eriko Naka]
When you look into Inoh (reef pond:Shochi), you will see coral balls that grow in clusters.

A pattern designed with such a coral as a motif.

It is a graphic that looks like a scene from a casual foot in Okinawa.

[Kariyushi wear]
Lequiosian's garment workshop is certified by the Okinawa Prefecture Clothing and Sewing Products Industry Association and produces Kariyushi.

This product has a trademark tag as a genuine Kariyushi product.

You can wear it not only for formal scenes such as Okinawa business, parties, resort weddings, but also formal (abbreviated) scenes.

100% polyester%
Country of origin:Japan Okinawa

[Item details]
Color:Fracker Sa Emerald Size:Free

[Item size]



Sleeve length:56

Model:Height 155 cm