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Accor Claw Black Ankle Type


Late evening, the light of darkness at night

[Akokuro] is an Okinawan word for dusk, dusk, and twilight.

The time between night and day was considered to be the time of the youkai of Majimun (demons and spirits).

[What is Carabisa Socks]
Kara=sky, Hisa=feet. Carabisa socks are Uchinaguchi (Okinawa dialect) and are barefoot .

By omitting the fingertips of the five-finger socks, it feels"just like barefoot".

It goes great with sandals.

By covering the ankles, it is ideal as a cooling measure in the summer, and in the winter, it is ideal as a measure against poor circulation by wearing layers.

Fashionable socks that make your feet more casual.

Cotton:90%, Polyester:7%, Polyurethane:3%
Country of origin:Japan

[Item details]
Color:Accor Claw Ink Black Size:S, M

[Item size]

S:22cm ~ 25cm

M:25.5cm ~ 28cm