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Ya Chinpia Boot Type

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[Ya Chinpia]

With Ya Chin"pottery"Okinawa accent.

Okinawa's Yaqimung from South Asia, such as Thailand
Technology and shaping of grilled food in a wide area to Korea
Variously captured,

A unique rustic expression is attractive.

Above all, it is called Arayachi (rough sorrow)
EclicEarnan is the color of the soil of Okinawa, the color of the fire
Beauty like firing as it is.

Sepia color that recalls such a climate and history,
Expressed in two tones that worked on contrast.

Soil memory, creation color』 

[Boot type]

Boot is the same meaning as boots = boots,
Foot-up regular socksam.

【What is Karabisa?】

In Okinawa language,
Cala = Sky, Visa (Hisa) = Legs and Feet
"Carabisa = barefoot"It means.

The fingertip is exposedBare foot like "The appearance and
It is a special sock that combines the comfort.

It seems that the sense of fingertips stand outA new sense will be a habit
From OkinawaStandard of 5 finger socksam.

[Sandal-only socks]

In normal socks, it is not quite stable
Even when walking for sandals,
The carabis sox with the fingertips opened
Fingers caught footwear directly,
Grip work

of course, Like normal socksProtect footdeath,
Protect from sunburn and dryness,
In addition, it tends to cool with sandals
As it is also effective for cooling measures in summer,
It is a sock for exclusive sandals!

【Inner sports,
Recommended for exercise]

While protecting the footBecause the fingertip is exposed
Grip works and step tenseBecause
For exercise and stretching in the room
it's recommended.

Also, unlike sports socks,
It is easy to match your usual casual
That's right.

 [Useful for the house shortening]

Slippers are hard to move,
If it is socks, it slips in flooring ...
Those with each commitment.

Carabis Soxo
Bare foot and socks with good socks,
So-called"Bare fit than socks"of
New Sounds Sewing Socks.

Even when you move around with one with the house,
Release the tired legs again
Even when relaxing, in the house
It is recommended socks at the feet that spend comfortably.


Cotton: 90%, polyester: 7%
Polyurethane: 3%
Country of origin: Japan

【Details of the item】

Color: Ya Chinpia
Size: S, M

[Item size]

S: 22 cm to 25 cm
M: 25.5 cm to 28 cm