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"Gmardori / Sesame Street"

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"Gummatic"simply,Sesame street
(Seisen Saori) translated to the word of Okinawa!


Approach that was not likely.

But a gmard lily where pleasant friends gather,
It seems to be somewhere in Okinawa.

Because everyone's face isUchinanchu
(Okinawan) Somehow!

Big eyesDark eyebrows, A look for a plenty of love
With a sense of closeness!

【Character Collection】

I made Disney Characters Motif,
Habubox Limited CollectionIt is the appearance of!

Drive with the theme of Okinawa's culture
Confident confidence that I designed!

Wide size development with kids, adults

Coordination in the family is also
Please enjoy♪


Country of origin: Made in China

【Details of the item】

Color: Natural

[Item size]

SS: Length 62 / Width 46 / Isolated 18
S: Length 65 / Width 49 / Isolated 19
M: Length 69 / Width 52 / It has a length 20
L: Length 73 / Width 55 / Isolated 22
LL: Length 77 / Width 58 / Isolated Length 24
3L: Length 81 / Width 63 / It has 25 / long length 25
4L: Length 84 / Width 68 / Isolated Length 26

Male model: height176 cmLLSizes

Women model: Height155 cm ssSizes

Women model: Height153 cm sSizes