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"Gumadori/Sesame Street"Kids

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"Gumadori" Simply translate Sesame Street (Sesame Street) into Okinawan language!

It is Guma (sesame) Dori (street). An unlikely approach.

However, Gumadori, where pleasant friends gather, seems to be somewhere in Okinawa.
Because everyone's face is like Uchinanchu (Okinawa)!
With big eyes , dark eyebrows , and a charming expression, you can feel a sense of intimacy !?

[Character Collection]
Introducing a HabuBox limited collection with popular characters as a motif!

With the theme of Okinawa's climate, we have a lineup of self-confident designs that have been carefully designed!

We have a wide range of sizes for kids and adults, so please enjoy coordinating with your family ♪

Country of origin:Made in China

[Item details]
Color:Natural Size:90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150

[Item size]

90:Length 36/Width 29/Sleeve length 11

100:Length 40/Width 31/Sleeve length 12

110:Length 44/Width 33/Sleeve length 13

120:Length 47/Width 35/Sleeve length 14

130:Length 51/Width 37/Sleeve length 15

140:Length 55/Width 40/Sleeve length 16

150:Length 59/Width 42/Sleeve length 17