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Powerful insecticide pyrethrin tote bag


Natural pyrethrum insecticide pyrethrin

An official collaboration tote bag that perfectly reproduces the graphic of pyrethrin. It is a rare triple collaboration designed/drafted by desART.
The military design, which does not fade over time, goes well with any outfit ?! Okinawa freak coveted gem !!

Contents:Approximately 10L
Country of origin:China Print:Japan

[Handling precautions regarding bags]
For dark-colored products, dye transfer may occur if the product is rubbed strongly and continuously with clothes etc. in a wet state.

[Item details]
Color:City Green Size:Free

[Item size]
Length:35 cm
Width:40 cm

~ Everyone knows that pyrethrin. That unknown story ... ~

After the war, the US military developed the world's first aerosol-type insecticide, which is the familiar"Insectside Pyrethrin (commonly known as pyrethrin)"in Okinawa. The highly portable spray can pesticide was developed as a military equipment and has been used since 1969. Compared to the mainstream pump type at that time, it soon became popular due to its high convenience. It is not well known that the original"Pyrethrin"is the only one in the world that is on sale here in Okinawa.

Under the control of the US Civil Administration of the Ryukyu Islands, Hideyuki Nakamoto (Chairman of the Board, Sari Makoto Co., Ltd.) went to the United States alone, and after direct negotiations with the US Department of Defense, acquired the sales right and continues to this day.

The amount of natural pyrethrum components is unique, and in addition to its strong immediate effect, it is also effective against pests that are more resistant to drugs than synthetic agents, and is safe for the human body (warm-blooded animals). However, this natural safety is also lesser known. On the contrary, it gives a harmful impression of military use, contrary to nature. It is often associated with the simple military-style package design, which is a remnant of military development, but at the same time, it can be said that it has succeeded in making a strong impression as an American-derived insecticide. Regardless of the impression, the insecticide for Okinawans is"pyrethrin".

An unknown story, a gap between appearance and content, and high performance. These are the charms of"Pyrethrin"that attracts us and never stops. A rugged military design that has been passed down through several minor changes since its release. From that unwavering attitude, I feel a thorough functionalism and pride in quality. With the utmost respect for this pyrethrin graphic, an ambitious work that has been dropped into a tote bag has been completed!

Trademark origin/Far East exclusive agency Sari Makoto Co., Ltd. Original draft/Design desART
Planning/Sales/Produce HABUBOX