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Board chili paper Hanagasa towel (Island Ashibi towel)


Showa Paper Co., Ltd. was established in 1967.
Since its founding, it has been recycling paper products using 100% Okinawan recycled paper.

Among the many standard products, the plate chili paper"Hanagasa"was the main product that supported the company's corporate growth shortly after returning to the mainland.

At that time, while four paper manufacturers were competing with each other, they expanded their market share throughout the prefecture with the plate chili paper series.
The Ryusou women's package had an impact and was effective in promoting sales.
And, when it comes to Chilean paper, it has spread throughout the prefecture to the extent that it is associated with this package.

Even now that all four competitors at that time have closed down, only the board chili paper"Hanagasa"is in 1973.
Since then, it has been sold almost unchanged.

As the times change,"Hanagasa Musume"stands quietly in the bathroom and watches over us from its shadow.
The look at the hometown will not change.

A complete reproduction of the monumental"Hanagasa"of this Okinawa pop art.
Please enjoy the new Showa retro graphics just because it is now!

Country of origin:Japan

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Length:127 cm

Width:32 cm