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Halsar (farmer, fielder ) Snoopy, Wuji (sugar cane) wearing a kuba hat After cutting, ring the sanshin and have a cup of coffee.

It is unique to Snoopy, which can be transformed, to blend in with the Halsar style without any discomfort like an Okinawan native.

Trip to the sugar cane forest in Okinawa with HABUBOX limited Halsar Snoopy!

[Snoopy Collection]
Introducing the HabuBox original collection with the popular character Snoopy as a motif!

With the theme of Okinawa's climate, we have a lineup of self-confident designs that have been carefully designed!

We have a wide range of sizes for kids and adults, so please enjoy coordinating with your family ♪

Country of origin:Made in China

[Item details]
Color:Light blue Size:SS, S, M, L, LL, 3L, 4L

[Item size]

SS:Length 62/Width 46/Sleeve length 18

S:Length 65/Width 49/Sleeve length 19

M:Length 69/Width 52/Sleeve length 20

L:Length 73/Width 55/Sleeve length 22

XL:Length 77/Width 58/Sleeve length 24

3L:Length 81/Width 63/Sleeve length 25

4L:Length 84/Width 68/Sleeve length 26

Male model:Height 164 cm L size wearing Female model:Height 153 cm SS size wearing