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Signing flower cloth Big shirt (Hana Aim)

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Requiocyan Classic Big Silhouette
Long-length shirt's Salmon Spread Flower Power
This is a total pattern type.

Use a luxury cramped spring flower cloth, exotic
While having a sense of craft, various
I can coordinate to the style
Basic Regular Color
It is a shirt.

There is a pocket on both sides
It is also useful.

It is also recommended to wear with a jacket feeling.

【Hana Simi pattern: Maiga Bokanen work】

Boxes released in 2010

I reprinted the patterned pattern for the Requiocian shirt.
Flower petals of a lot of flowers
It looks like a race.

【Requiocyan's Clash Chain Flower Flower】

Amber steamed flower cloth (Aoi Kafu) is the red light of Okinawa
It is also said that it is a roaring roots, 600 years ago in China
It is a type dye of traditional 藍 to be transmitted from.

● The local craftsman carefully
I am dyed.

Planning and sewing finish are in Okinawa.

● From the plant of the same kitenomago department as Ryukyu
The extracted ingredients are dyed into amazing.

It is characterized by a deep amber color with redness.

● Natural indigo dye enhances the strength of the fiber and breeding bacteria
It is considered that the insect repellent effect is high.

● The effect of absorbing ultraviolet light and does not pass on the skin
It is said that it is high.

On the other hand, it is weak to ultraviolet light and cause of fading and discoloration
Be careful to expose to light for a long time
Is required.

● Requiocyan's green cramped flower cloth is such as acetic acid
Firmly machine-off by fixing reaction
I am applying

It is characterized by relatively easy to handle.

【Kariyushi Wear】

Requiocyan sewing studio is
Okinawa clothing sewing product industrial union
Received the accreditation and
I am producing.

Okinawa business and parties,
Resort wedding
Of course the formal scene,
Informal (abbreviation) scene
You can wear it.

This item is Kariyoshi
As a genuine item, the trademark budget


Cotton: 100%
Country of origin: Japan Okinawa

【Details of the item】

Color: Hanaami
Size: Free

[Item size]

F: Length 91 / Knobbed 100 / Length 58 / Cuff 14