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そよ風鳥華 総柄 (ビンガタオル)


"Flowers that bounce like a ball,
The vivid bingata patterns of the little birds that take off lightly begin to dance beautifully and lively in the breeze."

"Bingo Towel"is a hub box designed for the product of"Imabari Muffler 70"by Miyazaki Towel, the original towel muffler.

The material is organic cotton, which is luxuriously used for the warp, so the texture will last forever.

The compact packaging makes it a perfect item for gifts and presents.

Country of origin:Made in Japan

When washing, we recommend washing the net to reduce the pain in the fabric.

[Item details]
Color:Rose Size:Free

[Item size]

Width:32 cm

Length (including fusa):160 cm