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Sir hoo girl


It is a collaboration item of"Orion Beer"and"HABU BOX"!

Popular surf taste design.

Casual graphics that are easy to wear for both men and women.

What I dream of in surfing is a surf girl who manages big waves.

Dreams spread from curry (cheers) today as well.

* We use a vintage fabric that is a blend of three types of threads:cotton, polyester, and rayon.

* This product is made tight, so please check the dimensions on the"Size Chart"before selecting.

Cotton:38%, Rayon:12%, Polyester:50%
Country of origin:Made in China

[Handling precautions for tri-blend fabric products]
Due to the nature of the material, pills may occur due to rubbing or washing while wearing.

If pills occur, remove them with a pill remover.

[Item details]
Color: Blue heather
Size:S, M, L, LL, 3L

[Item size]

S:Length 66/Width 46/Sleeve length 16

M:Length 69/Width 48/Sleeve length 16.5

L:Length 72/Width 51/Sleeve length 17.5

XL:Length 76/Width 54/Sleeve length 19

3L:Length 78/Width 58/Sleeve length 21

Model:Height 164 cm LL size wearing