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Real Tobi Course Star Kumeishima


This is a true towel coaster!?

"The towel with a coaster is also a coaster to be a towel."

In Okinawa, there is a habit of using a towel as a coaster for a sake such as a tavern.

In humid, Okinawa, it has become a coaster to make a lot of condensation that appears in a cold glass effectively, to water up effectively.

Such customs industry's first commercialization!

The second is a Kugashima Sendo official collaboration in Kumejima, and "Real Office Coaster", which exceeded the towel, will suggest an infinite possibility!

Cotton: 100%

[Item size]

When expanded: about 27 cm × 27 cm

At the time of four folds: about 13.5 cm × 13.5 cm