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Surf up Snoopy

Sold out
Original price ¥4,180
Current price ¥1,500
Snoopy was a motif,
Habubox Limited DesignIs newly appeared!

Tribrid T-shirt
Flocky(※) Combining print,
Graphic of commitment.
Vintage feeling and delicious place of this season.
It is one piece per summer!

[Okinawa limited character collection]

The motif of the major character is the motif,
Habubox Limited CollectionIt is the appearance of!

Drive with the theme of Okinawa's culture
Confident confidence that I designed!

Of course, I can only buy Habubox
It is a limited product!

Hids, adult and wide size
I am developing.

Coordinates in the family
Please enjoy♪

[※ tribrary]

Cotton, polyester, rayon
Blended, flexible as plump
I used a fine dough

Layon smooth touch
Intensity of polyester, breathable moisturizing property
Excellent cotton, each material
For each material, while making use of the characteristics
The yarn dyeing comes out in different ways,
Beautiful 目 () is characterized by
It is an item.
Chemical fiber has not been developed in the contemporary
As a function material of the age, in sportswear
ManyBecause it was used, it is unique
It is a popular material with vintage feeling.

【※ Flocky processing】

Specializing in the printed part
Print processing.

A feeling of material that brushed like velor


Cotton: 100%
Country of origin: Made in China

【Details of the item】

Color: Smaller
Size: SS, S, M, L,LL

[Item size]

SS: Length 60 / Width 42 / Isolated 16
S: Length 65 / Width 46 / Isolated length 17
M: Length 68 / Width 48 / Isolated 18
L: Length 71 / Width 50 / It has a length 19
XL: Length 74 / Width 52 / Isolated 20

Women model: Height149 cm ssSizes
Male model: height168 cm mSizes