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Okinawa lunch box towel

Sold out

The shock "Okinawa Bento" on the side of the rice is a hand towel as it is!

Once you have printed two strengths of "pork cutlet valve" and "Takoris lunch box" and print!
You can choose who you like when decorating!

Furthermore, a fictional lunch box "knockout lunch box" with a towel with towel!
I will knock out the hungry boy and girl!

It is delicious twice with one piece because there are two patterns of Tonkatsu lunch box and Tako rice lunch box!
We will deliver in the familiar Okinawa lunch box as it is!

It is with a "knockout lunch box towel" of a bonus!


【Product Details】
size: free

[Item size]

Hand towel

Vertical 26.5 cm side 20.5 cm

Knock out towel

Vertical 85 cm side 34.5 cm

lunch box

Vertical 14.5 cm side 22 cm depth 3.5cm