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Okinawa bento towel

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The shocking"Okinawa bento"with side dishes on top of rice has become a hand towel as it looks!

Print the two strengths of"pork cutlet lunch box"and"taco rice lunch box"on one sheet!
You can choose the one you like when decorating!

In addition, a gift towel from a fictitious bento shop"Knockout Bento"is included!
We will knock out the hungry boy and girl!

It has two patterns, a pork cutlet lunch box and a taco rice lunch box, so one piece is delicious twice!
We will deliver it in the same package as the familiar Okinawa bento!

Comes with a bonus"knockout bento towel"!

Cotton: 100%

【Product Details】
Color: Bento
size: free

[Item size]

Hand towel

Vertical 26.5cm side 20.5cm

Knockout towel

Vertical 85cm side 34.5cm

Lunch box

Vertical 14.5cm side 22cm depth 3.5cm