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Blue water garden (Poroyushi)


A running water crest designed with the motif of Ryukyu indigo type (Ryukyu Waygata).

The pattern of running water means cleanliness, and the abundant flow of abundant water without stagnation is also a symbol of auspiciousness in which things go smoothly.

* The design layout will be assorted.

[Poroyushi] is a stretch shirt that features a pattern that is designed with the climate of Okinawa and incorporated into textiles. A new series is released every year at HabuBox, and it is also popular as resort wear and business wear in Okinawa Prefecture.

Polyester:75%, cotton:25%
Country of origin:Made in China

* Compared to natural materials, chemical fibers tend to have proteins and lipids attached to them, and may have a stronger odor.
In that case, you can reduce the odor by dissolving the oxygen-based bleach in hot water of 40 to 50 degrees Celsius and letting it soak for about 1 hour to wash off the sebum attached to the fibers.
* The effects of washing with oxygen-based bleach for deodorization cannot be guaranteed due to differences in bleach manufacturers, usage methods, and washing environment.
Those who are to be tested should take great care, such as testing with test clothing, and at their own risk.

[Item details]
Size:SS, S, M, L, LL, 3L

[Item size]

SS:Length 63/Shoulder width 37/Width 46/Sleeve length 21

S:Length 67/Shoulder width 41/Width 49/Sleeve length 21

M:Length 69/Shoulder width 44/Width 52/Sleeve length 21

L:Length 72/Shoulder width 46/Width 55/Sleeve length 23

XL:Length 75/Shoulder width 48/Width 58/Sleeve length 23.5

3L:Length 79/Shoulder width 51/Width 61/Sleeve length 23.5

Male model:Height 169 cm L size wearing Female model:Height 160 cm SS size wearing