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Super Big Shirt

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Women, men's long-shirts.

In addition to the loose silhouette, a big chest pocket like exaggerated, the same large hanger loop is characteristic.

A sense of volume and a shirt are likely to be expanded as it is.

Collars are moderately open band colors. The shape of the female neck is beautifully showing the line of female necks.

Since the pockets are attached to both sides, it also fits with a margin, such as a smartphone and a wallet.

The sleeve cuffs should be wide for volume and reduces wildness. Since it is a unique shape, it is easy to roll up, and it is changed to the appearance of wearing.

Switching of the shoulder yoke around the front is rotating diagonally in the raglan style. That's why alleviates the area of ​​the chest from the shoulder that tends to extend.

The fabric is 100% cotton Ox feet, and the hand-like washers (wrinkles) are processed. Even if it is washed, it is a sense that it doesn't have to do it, and it is natural to natural.

Cotton: 100%
Country of origin: Japan Okinawa

【Details of the item】
Color: Off White
Size: ONE

[Item size]

Length: 120 cm

Width: 68 cm

Length: 78 cm

 Model height: 155 cm