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Super Big Shirt

Women, men's long-shirts.

In addition to the loose silhouette, like an exaggerated
Big chest pocket, likely
Hanga loop is characteristic.

A sense of volume and shirt
It is an expansion of Ehime as it is
I live together.

Collars are moderately open band colors.

The form of sleeping in Narrow along the neck is
You can see the lines of the female neck beautifully.

Because there is a pocket on both sides,
It is a smartphone and a wallet
Accessories also fit with margin.

The sleeve cuffs should have a width for the volume,
Reduced the nature.

Because it is a unique shape,
Roll up and wearing
You can change the expression.
Switching of shoulder york in the front body is Lagrange style
I'm turning it diagonally.

That's why it tends to extend during the over size
Mitigate the breast area from the shoulder.

The fabric is 100% cotton Ox feet,
Washer (wrinkles) is processed.

Even if it is washed, it is good
It feels a sense of wrinkles and will be natural.


Cotton: 100%
Country of origin: Japan Okinawa

【Details of the item】

Color: Charcoal
Size: ONE

[Item size]

Length: 120 cm
Width: 68 cm
Length: 78 cm
Model height: 155 cm