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"Umiatcher/Miki Mouse": One Sholdato


Mickey Mouse goes out to the sea today with Mikagan (Okinawa's traditional underwater glasses) and island elephants.

The simple print color that suppresses the color is finished in a retro surf taste.

Umiatcher (sea walker ) literally means "a person walking in the sea" , and in turn, a sea craftsman , a master of the sea, or a person who is in the sea all the time or makes a living in the sea. I may call it.

A Mickey Mouse item for those who love the ocean and nature of Okinawa.

[Disney Collection]
Introducing the HabuBox limited collection with Disney characters as a motif!

With the theme of Okinawa's climate, we have a lineup of self-confident designs that have been carefully designed!

Country of origin:Made in China Print:Japan

[Item details]
Color:Natural x Navy

[Item size]

Height:43 cm

Width:41 cm