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Double jersey mask


It is a three-dimensional mask in which the rubber cord part made of durable and breathable material used for wet suits etc. is also integrally molded.

[Precautions for use]
It is not intended to prevent the inhalation of viruses and bacteria.

An etiquette mask to prevent coughing and sneezing and scattering of droplets during conversation.

Be sure to wash it clean after wearing it to keep it clean.

Polyester:80%, Rayon:15%, Polyurethane:5%
Country of origin:Japan

・ This product does not completely prevent infection.

・ Should you have an abnormality on your skin, if it does not fit your skin, or if you feel sick due to the smell, discontinue use.

・ Hand washing is recommended for long-term use.

・ Please avoid leaving it wet.

・ Please avoid ironing the printed part. It may cause discoloration or peeling of the print.

[Item details]
Color:Gray (palm shade pattern)