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GO CAMP Kids (Hello Kitty & Meque)

"Hello Kitty"And, Okinawa DIY Center
Meikman's character"Meikyu-kun"
Habubox triple name planning!

Enjoy the camp on the beach of Okinawa
Kitty and Meiky-kun.

Same generation(※), overall salopette
Watchework style!

※ Kitty-chan: Birth of 1974.
Mayukman: Urasoe Store Opening January 1975

Both girls, boys"Kako cute"
It is a mounting design.

Corresponds to adults from adults, regardless of men and women
Because it is a wide range of size development,Fit together
Is particularly recommended!

thenFestival and outdoor sceneAlso
Perfect graphic!

Come a rare item for Okinawa limited!!


country of origin:made in China
Print: Japan


Turn over the shirt during washing,
Divided with products that are easy to move
We recommend laundry.

The use of the dryer is also a cause of contraction
As we can use as much as possible
I recommend to avoid.

【Details of the item】

ColorHeather black

[Item size]

90: Length 36/ Width 29/Sleeve length 11
100: Length 40/ Width 31/Sleeve length 12
110: Length 44/ Width 33/Sleeve length 13
120: Length 47/ Width 35/Sleeve length 14
130: Length 51/ Width 37/Sleeve length 15
140: Length 55/ Width 40/Sleeve length 16
150: Length 59/ Width 42/Sleeve length 17

Model: 100 cm 100 size height