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Sabani type 3D mask deodorant soft type

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The Sabani-type (ship-type) three-dimensional mask is a one-size-fits- all etiquette mask for women and men, and is designed for long-term use all day long.

Even if it is removed, it can be folded compactly, making it convenient to carry.

The inside is made of NaTech-fresh , a material that has the same deodorant properties as cotton, and achieves natural fiber x functionality x high washing durability .

The perfect match mask for important business negotiations and customer service!

Come and enjoy the HABUBOX Sabani 3D mask.

* The pattern is assorted. Please note that.

◆ There is a high fit for a wide range of sizes.
◆ The internal space is large and it is easy to breathe.
◆ The internal space is large, making it difficult for the fabric to touch the lips and making it easy to talk.
◆ Compact when folded. It fits in the area of two business cards and fits comfortably in your chest pocket.
◆ Easy to fit according to the shape of the nose, and the glasses are less likely to fog.
◆ The elastic cord can be replaced.
◆ Low temperature tumble drying is possible. (Be careful not to damage due to heat or damage due to wear.)

[Precautions for use]
◆ It is not intended to prevent the inhalation of viruses and bacteria. It is an etiquette mask to prevent coughing, sneezing, and scattering of droplets due to conversation.
◆ Be sure to wash it clean after wearing it to keep it clean.
◆ Tumble dry at your own risk, paying close attention to heat damage and loss of shape due to wear.

[What is Sabani]
A small fishing boat in Okinawan language. It has been used for fishing since ancient times in the Okinawa Islands, the Maejima Islands and the Amami Islands.
It is said that the combination of sharks (mackerel) and boats (nni) has come to be called"sabani"because it was developed to catch shark fins.

Country of origin:Made in Japan

[Item details]
Color:Black and white linen gingham check

[Item size]

Length:7.5 cm

Width:22 cm