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L / s stretch back panel


Long-sleeved Kariyushi made from stretchable typewriter fabric. Also suitable for resort weddings and vacations.

By adding green to the thread color of the buttonhole, the impression of black, which tends to be heavy, is light and exotic.

It is unique to the back panel series that you can enjoy the tropical expression of the noisy palm forest like Othello by turning from the quiet front. By putting a handle under the placket, you can see the playfulness modestly.

Unimaginable from the cotton-like natural surface, the stretchy stretch material is addictive once you get hooked.

A piece with a mood like a tropical night.

[What is a typewriter]
Typewriter fabric is a woven fabric that was once used for printing ink ribbons on typewriters, and was finely woven with fine-count high-grade cotton thread for clear engraving.
It refers to the high-density plain weave derived from it. Because the eyes are clogged, it is durable even on thin fabrics and has a crisp texture, so it is a standard shirt material.

[Kariyushi wear]
Lequiosian's garment workshop is certified by the Okinawa Prefecture Clothing and Sewing Products Industry Association and produces Kariyushi.
This product has a trademark tag as a genuine Kariyushi product.
You can wear it not only for formal scenes such as Okinawa business, parties, resort weddings, but also formal (abbreviated) scenes.

Black plain part / Cotton:96%, Polyurethane:4%
Pattern fabric part
/ Cotton:60%, Rayon (*):40%
Country of origin:Japan Okinawa

* We have adopted an environmentally friendly production process that has cleared strict environmental standards, and use Ecovelo ™ fiber made from certified renewable wood.

[Item details]
Color:Midnight Black
Size:SS, S, M, L, LL, 3L

[Item size]

SS:Length 66/Shoulder width 39/Width 50/Sleeve length 59 / Sleeve mouth 21

S:Length 68/Shoulder width 41.5/Width 53/Sleeve length 60 / Sleeve mouth 22

M:Length 70/Shoulder width 44/Width 56/Sleeve length 61 / Sleeve mouth 23

L:Length 72/Shoulder width 46.5/Width 59/Sleeve length 62 / Sleeve mouth 24

XL:Length 73.5/Shoulder width 49/Width 62/Sleeve length 63 / Sleeve mouth 25

3L:Length 75 / Shoulder width 51.5/Width 65/Sleeve length 64/Sleeve mouth 26