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Long Sleeve Sign Flower Side Pocket Shirt: Namijigue


Indigo Hanabusa, which Lequiosian has been working on since its inception in 1999, has been made into a classic button-down.
A casual side pocket is added to the basic shirt to add functionality and individuality. The side pocket is single only on the right side.

[Requiosian indigo flower cloth]
Aiinkafu is a traditional indigo dyeing that has been handed down in China for 600 years, which is said to have the roots of Bingata and indigo in Okinawa.
● Local craftsmen carefully dye it using the same technique as before. Planning and sewing are done in Okinawa.
● It is a component extracted from the same Acanthaceae plant as Ryukyu indigo, and is dyed indigo. It features a deep reddish indigo color.
● Natural indigo dyeing increases the strength of fibers, suppresses the growth of germs, and is said to have a high insect repellent effect.
● It is said that it has a high effect of absorbing ultraviolet rays and not passing through the skin. On the other hand, it is vulnerable to ultraviolet rays and may cause fading and discoloration, so care must be taken when exposing it to sunlight for a long time.
● Lequiosian's indigo seal cloth is firmly colored by a fixing reaction such as acetic acid. The feature is that it is relatively easy to handle.

[Namikage pattern]
The pattern drawn by the printmaker Bokunen for Lequiosian is dyed on the indigo seal flower cloth.
Traces of the sun shining on the bottom of the sea. Fluctuations of light dancing and bouncing on the surface of the sea.

[Kariyushi wear]
Lequiosian's garment workshop is certified by the Okinawa Prefecture Clothing and Sewing Products Industry Association and produces Kariyushi.
This product has a trademark tag as a genuine Kariyushi product.
You can wear it not only for formal scenes such as Okinawa business, parties, resort weddings, but also formal (abbreviated) scenes.

Cotton:100% * Special dye used Country of origin:Japan Okinawa Prefecture

[Item details]
Color:Indigo Size:SS, S, M, L, LL, 3L, 4L

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