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7 quarter sleeve composition panel: banana cider


※This item is half the size thinner than usualの
Since it will be a narrow pattern, please check the specificationsを
please confirm。

Stretchy typewriter fabric
Easy-to-move and comfortable shirt Kariyushi usedし。

The asymmetrical switching is in the pocket、
Smartphones and accessories that tend to be bulky on the chest、
Can be distributed in the waist。

Uniquely shaped cuffs that are easy to roll up、
Can be arranged with different facial expressions
Is an element。

With a narrow pattern that is perfect for women
It's tailored so it's recommended for both men and womenす。

The three-quarter sleeves, which are rare for Kariyushi, are used in autumn and spring.
At the turn of the season, the summer air conditioner workedた
It is also useful for office work。

Roll up and arrange casually。

Tropical patterns of bananas and tropical plants、
In the narrow part of the placket or in the pocket
While suppressing flashiness by usingも
I got an impressive effect。

Match the color of the buttonhole and button thread to the pattern
For a gorgeous accent。

The gingham check on the sleeves is like a petitと
Refreshing like a bubbling tropical cider
It is one of the impressions。

【What is a typewriter?】
What was typewriter fabric?て、
For printing ink ribbons on typewriters
To make a clear impression of the fabric usedに、
Weaved finely with fine count high-grade cotton thread。

It refers to the high-density plain weave derived from it.。

Because the eyes are clogged, it is durable even on thin fabricsで、
It is a standard shirt material because it has a crisp texture.。

【Kariyushi wear】
Lequiosian sewing workshop、
Certified by Okinawa Prefecture Clothing and Sewing Products Industry Association、
Produces Kariyushi。

This item is a genuine Kariyushi productて、
Trademark tag is attached。

Okinawa business and partiesー、
Resort wedding etc.
Not to mention the formal scene、
In the informal scene
You can wear it。

  Plain part
  (Cotton 96 Polyurethane 4)ン:4%)
  Gingham check part cool maxス®)
  (Cotton 70 polyethylene 30):30%)
  Pattern fabric part
  (Cotton 100)%)
  Country of origin Japan Okinawa Prefecture県

Coolmax fabricは、
A high-performance fabric that absorbs water and dries quickly.。

Provides a cool, dry and comfortable fit all day long、
Bring out performance。

【Item details】
  Color:White blueー
  Size SSSMLLL3LL、3L  

【Item size】

  SS Length 66 Shoulder width 38 Width 50 Sleeve length 42丈 42
          / Cuffs 23

  S Length 67.5 Shoulder width 40 Width 52.5 Sleeve length 43丈 43
        /Cuffs 24

  M Length 69 Shoulder width 42 Width 55 Sleeve length 44丈 44
         /Cuffs 25

  L Length 70.5 Shoulder width 44 Width 57.5 Sleeve length 45丈 45
        /Cuffs 26

  XL Length 72 Shoulder width 46 Width 60 Sleeve length 46丈 46
          /Cuffs 27

  3L Length 74 Shoulder width 48 Width 62.5 Sleeve length 47丈 47
          /Cuffs 28