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TOOL7 spectrosode (Makuman Colabo)

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Do it Yourself! A homemaker in Okinawa, tickling with all kinds of tools, is the collaboration of Makeman T!

In Okinawa Prefecture, everyone in Okinawa saw the popular character makeup and tools that symbolize the DIY were silhouetted and the toolrack was a graphic reminiscence of the graphics.

Is it useful for DIY when you add a scale major to the 7-section sleeves?

In 1975, he founded Makeman Urasoe Restaurant as a retail division of the Nagoya Iron Works.It is also a pioneer of 'DIY' in Okinawa Prefecture.
At the time of its founding, the year of the Expo ' 75, the Okinawa International Maritime Exposition, was the beginning of the era of mass consumption.
The establishment of the company focused on the increased consumption of people in the prefecture, and it was the ninth and the ninth in the country for the home center to open.
At the time, he visited Honba, America, and imported goods directly.
This trade-advancement was also aimed at differentiating companies from other companies.Currently, nine shops are being deployed in Okinawa Prefecture.
He has proposed the ease and know-how of making things widely, regardless of whether it is a pro-a-ma.

HomeSen Turk Maker

Cotton: 100 %
Country of origin: Made in China

[Item Details]
Color: Nachral
Size: S, M, L, LL, 3L

[Item Size]

S: landing at 47.5/ and 47.5/ in height

M: 70 /50 in width and 50 per width, 42

L: Kimitake 73/52.5/ 52.5/ So.44

XL: 7:55-5/3/ 46 - (46)

3L: Kimitake 79-57.5/ 57.5/ So.48

Female.Model 155cm S size wearer
Male models: height of 176cm, LL size