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Carabisan knit mask


A hub box original knit mask made by randomly aligning and knitting three colors of threads.

Uses natural antibacterial and deodorant processed yarn"Ron Fresh"to keep the mouth clean.

[Precautions for use]
◆ It is not intended to prevent the inhalation of viruses and bacteria. An etiquette mask to prevent coughing and sneezing and scattering of droplets during conversation.

◆ Be sure to wash it clean after wearing it to keep it clean.

◆ Please wash alone with a neutral detergent at a water temperature of 40 degrees and a weak stream of water. Avoid using chlorine bleach and dryer, and hang it in the shade.

Cotton:90%, Polyester:7%, Polyurethane:3%
Country of origin:Made in Japan

[Item details]
Color:Whale Shark Main Digo Size:Free

[Item size]

Length:Approximately 16 cm

Half-fold width:Approximately 15 cm