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Gajumarukaku-and-seek 7 minutes sleeve

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In Okinawa, Gajumal tree involves happiness
Hondy tree"It is said that.

Feng ShuiA tree that comes lucky"
Famous Gajumal trees.

Room in that gajumalSpirit KijimnerGood luck
It is said to carry it.

I made a round leaf with a lucky leafGajumalThe tree is
Kijimuna's "hide and seekPerfect!

A bright red body kijimnerAnd the belly is a shimishima pattern
Yanbarukuina, which one is found earlier?


Cotton: 100%
Country of origin: Made in China

【Details of the item】

Color: White / Navy
Size: S, M, L,LL

[Item size]

S: Length 67 / Width 47.5 / Yuki length 63
M: Length 70/50/50 / snow65
L: Length 73 / Width 52.5 / snow67
LL: Length 76 / Width 55 / snowLength 70
Male model: height170 cm LSizes