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"Umihatcher / Mickey Mouse" Long Sleeve

Sold out
Mikagan(Underwater glasses of the Okinawa tradition)Early islandand
Turday also to the seaMickey Mouse

Simple print color with color
By putting it on the retro surf taste
I finished.

UmihatcherWhat is (sea walk)
Translated"Walking the sea"By
InSea craftsmanSea masteror,
People who are in the sea and make a living in the seaof,
There is something to call this way.

Mickey Mouse to give to people in Okinawa, people who love nature
It is an item.

Code with parent and child with abundant size development
It is a popular series that you can enjoy! !

[Disney Collection]

I made Disney Characters Motif,
Habubox Limited CollectionIt is the appearance of!

Drive with the theme of Okinawa's culture
Confident confidence that I designed!

Wide size development with kids, adults
, Family
Please enjoy coordination by all means♪


country of origin:made in China 
Print: Japan

【Details of the item】

sizeSs, S,MLLL3L

[Item size]

Ss: Length 62/ Width 46/ Shoulder width 39/Sleeve Length 58
S: Length 65/ Width 49/ Shoulder width 42/Sleeve Length 60
M: Length 69/ Width 52/ Shoulder width 45/Sleeve Length 62
L: Length 73/ Width 55/ Shoulder width 48/Sleeve Length 63
LL: Length77/ Width 58/ Shoulder width 52/Sleeve Length 64
3L: Length 81/ Width 63/ Shoulder width 56/Sleeve Length 65

Male model: height170 cm LSizes