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TOOL 7 quarter sleeve (makeup man collaboration)

Do It Yourself!

Many tools are complete
Okinawa Home Center"Meikman"Collaboration T

Everyone in Okinawa Prefecture knows, popular characters
And tools that symbolize DIY
Silhouette, tool rack
Graphic to be associated
I was on the back.

7 part sleeve,
Almost! Add the scale major of the actual size!

Will it be useful for DIY at the time of emergency? !

【What is Meikeman】

In 1975, as a retail sector of Nago Iron Works
Mayukman Urasoe was founded.

It is also a pioneer of "DIY" in Okinawa Prefecture.

At the time of its founding, the year of Okinawa International Ocean Expo '75
The beginning of the mass consumption was open.

Founding is that of such Okinawa people's consumer life
Focusing on activation, home center
As open as opening, the ninth and era in the country
was doing.

At that time, I visited the home America and directs the product directly.

This trade advancement will differentiate with other companies
It became.

Currently, there are nine stores in Okinawa Prefecture.

With the fun of making things widely,
We propose know-how.


Cotton: 100%
Country of origin: Made in China

【Details of the item】

Color: Smaller
Size: S, M, L,LL3L

[Item size]

S: Length 67 / Width 47.5 / Isolated Length 40
M: Length 70 / Width 50 / It has a length 42
L: Length 73 / Width 52.5 / It has a length 44
LL: Length 76 / Width 55 / It has 46
3L: Length 79 / Width 57.5 / Length 48

Male model: height170 cm LSizes