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Strong pesticide pyrethrin embroidery twill cap


 A cap with a one-point embroidery of a pyrethrin spray can is scaled down and faithfully illustrated.した。


The well-formed brim brim curve tightens the impression of the face and holds the temples firmly. Adjustable with a 6-panel pattern that fits tightly on the head and a metal clip adjuster.ーで調整可能。


Olive green supports a wide range of coordination for both military and outdoor casual wearす。


Recommended for both men and women as an accent for coordination by sneaking in the core Okinawan material while casuallyスメ!!



【Item details】
Color :olive
Size-free head circumference 5560 cm60cm)
Material 100% cotton%
Country of origin Made in China


That pyrethrin that everyone knows that unknown storyリー…。

Postwar、An aerosol-type insecticide developed by the U.S. military for the first time in the world、Insectside pyrethrin (commonly known as pyrethrin), which is familiar in Okinawa, is a highly portable spray can insecticide that was developed as a military equipment and has been used since 1969.使用される。

Due to its high convenience compared to the mainstream pump type at that time, it soon became popular.た。That original『Okinawa is the only place in the world where pyrethrins are generally sold沖縄Is not well known to be。

Under the rule of the U.S. Civil Administration of the Ryukyu Islands、Hideyuki Nakamoto (Chairman of the Board, Sari Makoto Co., Ltd.) goes to the United States alone and negotiates directly with the US Department of Defense.渉After acquiring the sales right, it continues to this dayいる。

In addition to its unrivaled strong immediate effect in terms of the amount of natural pyrethrum components, it is also effective against pests that are more resistant to drugs than synthetic agents.のうえSafe for the human body (warm-blooded animal)Is。

However, this natural safety is also not well known, and on the contrary, it gives a harmful impression of military use contrary to nature. It is still a remnant of military development.の名残である、Simple military-style package designThere is a lot of association with, but at the same timeに、Succeeded in making a strong impression as an American insecticideCan be said to be。

Impression aside、Speaking of insecticides for Okinawans, pyrethrinン』So。

An unknown story, a gap between appearance and content, and high performance These are the attractions of pyrethrin that attract us and never stop.魅力である。

The rugged military design that has been passed down through several minor changes since its release, from its unwavering attitudeらは、I feel proud of thorough functionalism and qualityる

An ambitious work that puts the utmost respect into this pyrethrin graphic into a mask is completed!いび〜ん!」


Trademark origin / Far East exclusive agency Makoto Sari Co., Ltd.
Draft / Design desART
Planning / Sales / Produce HABUBOX