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Strong pesticide pyrethrin embroidery twill cap

Sold out
Pyrethrin spray cans for one point embroidery

Scale down the real thing and illustrate it faithfully
A curve of brim (collar) that was firmly molded,
Tighten the impression of the face and
It will hold it firmly.

Six panel patterns fit firmly
And adjustable with metal clip adjuster.
Olive Green is also a millimeter
Wide range of outdoor casual
Supports coordination.
During the casual core of Okinawa's core,
Coordinate accent!

Both men and women are recommended! !

 【Details of the item】

Color :olive
Size: Free (head / 55 to 60 cm)
Material: 100% cotton
Country of origin: Made in China 

~ Everyone knows, that pyrethrin.

The unknown story .... ~

After the war, the US military developed ahead of the world
Aerosol type insecticide.

It is familiar in Okinawa
"Insect Side Pyrethrin
(Commonly known as: pyrethrin).

Spray can insecticides with excellent portability
Developed as Armation and 1969

High to the mainstream pump type
It was generally popular from convenience.

"Pyrethrin" that is the original
It is only one in the world, general sale
It is not well known to be Okinawa here.

Under the Ryukyu Archipelago US Citizenship,
Nakano Hanako (Chairman of Aoiro Director, Inc.)
I went to a single American home country and with the United States Department
From the end of the direct negotiation, get the sale right and go to date
in the process of.

There are no other classes, even if it is
In addition to strong immediate effects, drug resistance compared to synthetic agents
There is also an effect on one pest.

After that, it is safe for the human body (constant temperature animal).

But this natural safety is also too

On the contrary, it is harmful to military
I receive an impression.

It is still the remnant of military development,
From a simple package design of millimeter
The place where it is associated is large, but at the same time,
Intense as an insecticide derived from America
It can be said that it succeeds in impression.

Anything impression is the insecticide for Okinawa prefectural people
Speaking of "Pyrethrin".

An unknown story and the appearance and content
Gap, and high performance.

These do not stop attracting us
It is the attraction of "pyrethrin".

From the beginning of the release, go through several minor changes,
Non-hollowed with no military meltareally design.

Thoroughly from the notion of the posture
Feel the pride of functional and quality.

Maximize this pyretting traffic
Respect, dropped into a T-shirt
Completion of motivation!

"People-Hokuto Ya-Ni!"

Trademark / Far East Agent Co., Ltd.
Draft / Design desart
Planning / Sales / Produced Habubox