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Banyan thread pierced earrings (gold)


【Thread wrapping】

Thread wrapping is an accessory made of embroidered laceす。

A gentle thread accessory with a delicate thread pattern that floats in the airリー。

It is characterized by being light and softす。

Clothes made from a single thread, as well as accessories made from threadは、Familiar with our clothes。

Cloth and embroidery are jobs that are tied with a string of threads on the same line.。

We will spin a story that connects the original patterns of Lequiosian with such threads as if they came out of the clothes.ます。


Euphoric tree that brings happiness

Banyan tree in Okinawa prefecture

「Called the euphoric tree where the spirits that bring happiness dwellれ

A mysterious tree treated as a "sacred tree"。

Characterized by roots that pop out from the stems and branches

From feeling the vitality from that spirit

「It is said that the flower word "health" was attached.す。

An evergreen tree with beautiful glossy dark green leaves。

Flower language is healthy and a lot of happinessの幸せ」

【Handling precautions】
・Please avoid getting it wet or washing。
・Since it is a delicate product, it will be damaged if the parts are pulled strongly.Will cause。
・The colors are matched as much as possible, but the colors may differ slightly from the image.。
・The pierced hook is delicate, so if you bend it forcibly, it may cause damage.。
・It is a product that is sensitive to friction, so if you rub itOf damageWill cause。
・Avoid ironing。


  Gold thread polyester 50 nylon 25 cupra 25ュプラ25%
  Hook made of brass製
  Country of origin Japan本 

【Item details】
  Color goldド
  Size ONEE

【Item size】

  Approximately 6 cm in heightm

  Approximately 3 cm widem