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Gajumar Threading Piercing (Black)

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The yarn makes accessories made of embroidery races

Delicate thread patterns were drawn to float in the air,
Accessories for gentle threads.

Light and soft feature.

Clothes made from one thread, like that
Accessories made of yarn are
Scripsticks in clothes.

Fabric and embroidery are linked on the same line,
It is a job connected by thread.

Requiocian original patterns,
As I came out of my clothes,
Story connected with such thread
I will spin.


Happiness calling trees

Gajumaru in Okinawa Prefecture

"Trikuki of the spirits that bring happiness live"

It is a mysterious tree treated as "Holy tree".

Characterized by the roots from stems and branches

From that emergence from the emergence

When the flower language called "health" was attached
It has been.

Glossy dark green leaves are beautiful evergreen trees.

Flower language is "health" and "lot of happiness"

[Precautions of handling]

· Please avoid wet or wash.

· Because it is a delicate product, strong parts
Cash when pullingIt may cause

· The color is combined as much as possible
Some colors may change.

· Piercing hook is delicate because it is delicate
If you bend, it will cause damage.

· Because it is a product that is weak to friction, it will be rubbed
DamagedIt may cause

· Please avoid irons.


Gold thread: 50% polyester, 25% nylon,
Cupra 25%
Hook: Brass

【Details of the item】

Color: Black
Size: ONE

[Item size]

Vertical: about 6 cm
Horizontal: about 3 cm