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Busthouse wheel yarn torsion piercing (silver)



The thread was made in embroidery race

Delicate thread patterns were drawn to float in the air,
Accessories for gentle threads.

Light and soft feature.

Clothes made from one thread, with the same thread
Accessories made
In our clothes
I'm sorry.

Fabric and embroidery are linked on the same line,
It is a job connected by thread.

Requiocian original patterns,
As I came out of my clothes,
Story connected with such thread
I will spin.

[What is the Best Ring Wheel]

Okinawa Words "Fusai Viney"
It is also said.

Ryukyu Dynasty, a daughter with a high school or noble
It is said that it was a wedding ring.

Wish your daughter's happiness, 7 trials
I entrusted it as a decoration.

And if it was passed into a woman system
It is said.
While the history moves,
The tradition was abandoned at a time,
Currently, it is used as a decorative decorator,
Gif you to women in wedding commemoration,
The tradition of the bustling ring has been reviewed.

[Meaning of each of Nanbo]

  flower... Life's Aya's life is colorful and glamorous
There is
  fish... I hope you are blessed with food
  fan... I hope you will be prospered with the end spread
  peach... Longevity Longevity Healthy and Long Live
As you can
  pomegranate... I hope you will be blessed with a grandchild supra
  leaf... I hope you will be blessed with you
  butterfly... As the user of heaven is also happy

[Precautions of handling]

· Please avoid wet or wash.

· Because it is a delicate product, strong parts
Cash when pullingIt may cause

· The color is combined as much as possible
Some colors may change.

· Piercing hook is delicate because it is delicate
If you bend, it will cause damage.

· Because it is a product that is weak to friction, it will be rubbed
DamagedIt may cause

· Please avoid irons.


SilverThin: polyester 50% nylon 25%
Cupra 25%
Hook: Brass

【Details of the item】

Color: Silver
Size: ONE

[Item size]

Vertical: about 6 cm