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Indigo flower fabric. Sabbani mask. Antibacterial and anti virus height type.


A Sabani-type three-dimensional mask made from genuine indigo-dyed fabric.花布(Ainkafu)』Was used luxuriously。

Sabani type(Ship type)The 3D mask is a one-size-fits-all etiquette mask for women and men that can be used for a long time all day long. Even if it is removed, it can be folded compactly and is convenient to carry.便利です。

It has been confirmed that the cleanse fabric used on the inside not only suppresses the growth of germs, but also reduces the number of both viruses with and without a specific virus envelope on the fiber by 99 or more and suppresses the growth of specific bacteria.確認されています。

In addition, indigo dyeing also has the effect of suppressing the growth of germs that cause bad odors.ます。

A game mask that is ideal for important business negotiations and customer service! HABUBOXCome and enjoy the Sabani type 3D mask。

Please note that the pattern will be assorted.い。


Has a high fit for a wide range of sizesす。

Large internal space makes it easy to breatheい。

The internal space is wide and the fabric is hard to touch the lips and it is easy to talkい。

Compact business card when folded名刺2It fits comfortably in your chest pocket with a size that fits in the area of one sheet.す。

Easy to fit according to the shape of the nose and less likely to fog the glassesい。

You can replace the elastic cord。

Can be tumble dried at low temperature。(Please be careful about damage caused by heat and damage caused by wear.い)

【Precautions for use】

There is an odor peculiar to indigo dyeing, but once washed, the odor disappears.す。

It is not intended to prevent the inhalation of viruses and bacteria. It is an etiquette mask to prevent the scattering of droplets due to coughing and sneezing conversations.スクです。

Please be sure to wash and keep clean after wearing immediately after purchase.さい。

Tumble drying should be done at your own risk, paying close attention to heat damage and loss of shape due to wear.さい。

【Hanaami pattern】

The pattern drawn by the printmaker Bokunen for Lequiosian is dyed on the indigo seal flower cloth.た。

A pattern in which a group of flowers spreads like a lace A motif that often appears in the background of Bokunen's printsフ。

【Lequiosian indigo flower cloth】

Indigo flower cloth(Ainkafu)Is to China, which is said to have the roots of Bingata and Indigo in Okinawa.国に600It is a traditional indigo dyeing that has been handed down for years.。

Local craftsmen carefully dye it with the same technique as before. The planned sewing finish is done in Okinawa.ています。
It is dyed indigo with ingredients extracted from the same Acanthaceae plant as Ryukyu indigo. It is characterized by a deep reddish indigo color.です。
Natural indigo dyeing is said to have a high insect repellent effect by increasing the strength of the fiber and suppressing the growth of germs.ます。
It is said that it has a high effect of absorbing ultraviolet rays and not passing through the skin, but on the other hand, it is weak against ultraviolet rays and causes fading and discoloration, so it is necessary to be careful when exposing it to sunlight for a long time.必要です。
Lequiosian's indigo seal cloth is firmly colored by a fixing reaction such as acetic acid, and is relatively easy to handle.徴です。

【What is Sabani】
A small fishing boat in the Okinawan language. It has been used for fishing in the Okinawa Islands and the Amami Islands for a long time.から、鮫(mackerel)And the boat(Nni)It is said that they came together to be called Sabani.ます。

  country of origin:made in Japan

【Item details】  
  Size freeー