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Salmon steamed flower cloth Savanic mask Antibacterial and antiviral high protection type

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Savanni type three-dimensional mask using this indigo dyed fabric. "Salmon steamed flower cloth, also used for the Karayoshi of Requiocian(Good morning)I used it for luxury.

Sabani type(Ship type)A three-dimensional mask is an etching mask that is free size from women to men and longer used in a daily basis. It is convenient for mobile because it is compactly folded even if it is removed.

Cryens ® fabrics used inwards not only reduce bacterial growth, but also reduce the number of specific viruses (e-vibro viruses) on fibers by 99% or more, and proliferation of specific bacteria The effect of suppressing has been identified.

In addition, zudo dyes also have the effect of suppressing the growth of bacteria that become odor.

Ideal match mask for important opportunities and customersHabuboxCome on the Sabani type three-dimensional mask.

How to enter the handle is assorted. Please be aware in advance.


There is a high fit feeling for a wide range of sizes.

The internal space is large and breathing is likely to be breathe.

The internal space is large, and the fabric is less likely to touch the lips.

Folding and compact. name card2It is a size that fits in the area for a minute and fits in the chest pocket.

It is easy to fit to the shape of the nose, and glasses are hard to be cloudy.

You can replace the rubber strap.

It is low temperature tongue and dry.(Please be careful about damage due to heat and damage to damage due to wear)

[Precautions for use]

There is a smell unique to the indigo dye, but once washed there is no smell.

It is not an effect that prevents the effect of preventing inhalation of virus and bacteria, coughing, is an etching mask to prevent splashing by conversation.

Immediately after the purchase, be sure to wash it clean and keep it clean after wearing.

Tumble drying should be carefully careful with heat damage and type breakage due to wear.

【Hana ami pattern】

The print house Boknen dyed the handle drawn down for Requiocian to the rose steamed flower cloth.

A branding flower spreads like a race. A motif that appears often on the background of the plate of Boxenen.

【Requiocyan's Clash Chain Flower Flower】

(Good morning)Is also a red-shaped roof and a roar of the dark, and in China600It is a typical dye dyeing from years ago.

A local craftsman is carefully dyed with techniques that have never changed. Planning and sewing finish are in Okinawa.
The ingredients extracted from the plant of the Same Kitanomago department as Ryukyu Sannomago are dyed in amazing. It is characterized by a deep amber color with redness.
Natural indigo dyes have increased fiber intensities and reduce bacterial growth and have high insect repellent effects.
It is said that the effect of absorbing ultraviolet light and does not pass through the skin. On the other hand, it is difficult to expose to light for a long time because it becomes weak to ultraviolet light and causes fading or discoloration.
Requiocyan's branding flower cloth is firmly equipped with a stimulation reaction such as acetic acid. It is characterized by relatively easy to handle.

【What is Sabani】
A small fishing boat in Okinawa words. It was used for fishing since ancient times in the Okinawa Islands, the Adim Islands and Amami Islands. Especially from being developed to catch fuma fill,(mackerel)And ships(Nun)It is said that it was called "Sabani".

country of origin:made in Japan

【Details of the item】  
Color: Hanaami
Size: Free


vertical:7.5 cm

beside:22 cm