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Southern Mask Antibacterial Anti-Virus High Protection Type

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HABUBOX classic Sabani type (boat type) three-dimensional mask with antiviral function Finished in the highest grade high protection type using fabric.

The Klenze® fabric used on the inside not only suppresses the growth of germs, but also reduces the number of specific viruses (both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses) on the fiber by 99% or more, and promotes the growth of specific bacteria. The suppressive effect has been confirmed.

It is a fabric made in Japan that has high washing durability and safety.

In addition, a cotton linen fabric with coarse eyes that is easy to breathe is used on the surface to enhance the natural and luxurious feel.

A tropical pattern with a calm tone and a plain type that suits any outfit. The fabric has surface details so you won't get bored.

Enjoy high protection coordination with the strongest Sabani mask.


・ The internal space is large and it is easy to breathe, and it is easy to talk while wearing it.

-Fits the unevenness of the face and prevents the lens from fogging when wearing glasses.

・ We use Klenze®, a fabric that has been shown to reduce the number of specific viruses on fibers and suppress the growth of specific bacteria.

-Since it becomes compact when folded, it is convenient to carry.

-Can be washed and used repeatedly.

-Rubber cord can be replaced and replaced.

[Precautions for use]
It does not prevent infectious diseases. An etiquette mask to prevent coughing and sneezing and scattering of droplets during conversation.
Please be sure to wash it cleanly immediately after purchase and after wearing it.
Tumble drying should be done at your own risk, paying close attention to heat damage and shape loss.

[What is Sabani]
A small fishing boat in Okinawan language. It has been used for fishing since ancient times in the Okinawa Islands, the Maejima Islands and the Amami Islands. It is said that the combination of sharks (mackerel) and boats (nni) has come to be called"sabani"because it was developed to catch shark fins.

Outer fabric/cotton:
90%, linen:10%
Inner fabric/cotton:100%
Country of origin:Made in Japan

[Item details]
Color: Botanical black

[Item size]

Length:7.5 cm

Width:22 cm