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Shoulder panel:Neon live

Shear soccer fabric with stretchability
Easy-to-move and comfortable Kariyushi based onし。

Coolmax soccer is quick-dryingり、
It's also cool on the skin and is ideal for summer。

Traditional as a sheer soccer button down
Irregularly from shoulder to arm to impressionに
I put a handle。

A tropical pattern that stands out in the navy blue

It's like a traditional Polynesian indigenous tattoo
Mixed ethnic impressions likeた、
It is a playful piece。

【Kariyushi wear】

Lequiosian sewing workshop、
Certified by Okinawa Prefecture Clothing and Sewing Products Industry Association、
Produces Kariyushi。

Okinawa business and partiesー、
Resort weddings, etc.
Not to mention the formal scene、
In the informal scene
You can wear it。

This item is a genuine Kariyushi productて、
Trademark tag is attached。


Handle part 100% cotton0%、
Striped part Coolmax®) 
 / Cotton 70 polyethylene 30:30%

 Country of origin Japan Okinawa Prefecture県

Coolmax fabricは、
A high-performance fabric that absorbs water and dries quickly.。

Provides a cool, dry and comfortable fit all day long、
Bring out performance。

【Item details 
Color: Navy soccer

【Item size】

SS Length 66 Shoulder width 39 Width 50 Sleeve length 23丈 23
S Length 68 Shoulder width 41.5 Width 53 Sleeve length 24丈 24

M Length 70 Shoulder width 44 Width 56 Sleeve length 25丈 25
L Length 72 Shoulder width 46.5 Width 59 Sleeve length 26丈 26

XL Length 73.5 Shoulder width 49 Width 62 Sleeve length 27丈 27
3L Length 75 Shoulder width 51.5 Width 65 Sleeve length 28丈 28
4L:Length 76.5 Shoulder width 54 Width 68 Sleeve length 29 29